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    Why choose us? Because why not? We have a firsthand experience of all the ghar kay maslay that you and many like us in our community face. We are the only house maintenance service provider that offers a one stop solution for all the odd jobs and chores that keep you from focusing on your own core! From dirty water tanks, carpets, sofas, and rugs to awful roaches and bugs in the bed; broken cabinets, sinks, taps, and electric appliances; fused bulbs, fans, stinking bathrooms to kitchen remodeling; deep home cleaning or just a blind, there’s always so much to do but very less time.


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    Repair. Spray. Install. Paint. Caulk. Clean & More.

    We are here to help you feel home at your home. We are aapkay apnay ForiFixers who are happy to do all the odd and nasty jobs in your home that you can't get done regardless the size of the job or your house. From cleaning your embarrassingly untidy sofas and mattresses, kitchens, bathrooms, filthy water tanks, to fixing that leaking roof, tap, sink, and pipe lines. Heatproofing your homes to save on bills, remodeling a kitchen or repair electric appliances to pest removal through fumigation and deep cleaning, we offer a wide range of services to help you ForiFix on time and save a fortune.

    • Fori-Cleaning Services:
    • Pest Control
    • Repair & Maintenance

    Fori-Cleaning Services:

    Sweep. Mop. Wash. Dry & More

    Got guests and no time to clean? Fret no more! Our home cleaning experts can swiftly clean everything from curtains, blinds, carpets, sofas and mattresses to water tanks, kitchens, bathrooms, attics and much more leaving them sparkling and smelling fresh.

    In addition to a dedicated deep cleaning workforce, we use industry leading products and disinfectants right from our store. Our products are safe for both adults and kids and are also pet and eco-friendly. We do not use any products that may have harmful chemicals or bleaching agents.

    Things And Areas We Clean:

    Pest Control

    Eliminate, Prevent, and Protect!

    Our decades long experience, industry leading techniques, research based products and advance technology is a killer combo to let you ForiFix these pests with peace of mind!

    You ask us how: Here’s what we do:

    Inspect. Fumigate. Protect. Fortify.

    And when we say Fortify, we ForiFix everything we possibly can to keep the bugs out- remove infested things, repair and reinstall damaged items, seal and plug gaps and cracks so they don’t come back.


    Fori-Cleaning Services:

    Repair & Maintenance

    Fix. Build. Install. & More

    Our repairing services at ForiFix are most regarded amongst our community after pest control services. From broken or faulty appliances like cooking range, water dispensers, air conditioners, generators, UPS, and refrigerators to mending leaked pipes and loose electric connections HUM KARAIN FORIFIX SAB KUCH! We also offer kitchen remodeling, furniture and other repairs that include a wide range of small to large scale carpentry services by our skilled team of carpenters.

    Whether it’s laying a tile our grouting it, fixing a leaking line or cleaning a tank. Fix the toilet or install a new one, there’s no plumbing task that our plumbers or masons can’t ForiFix.


    • Stoves
    • Chimney and rang hoods
    • Water Dispensers
    • Split, window Air conditioners (ACs)
    • Split, window Air conditioners (ACs)
    • Commodes
    • Faucets
    • Tiles
    • Aluminum Windows and doors
    • PVC Windows and doors

    Frequently Asked Question

    • What services do you offer?

      We offer a wide range of maintenance for corporate and residential clients. From pest control, cleaning and repairing services to Waterproofing and heat proofing, we offer it all.

      Here’s a link to our service portfolio:

      For every query, please share with us the following:

      Problem being faced/requirement

      Type of residence (apartment or a house), its size, location, and contact number.

    • Does your Pest Control Team offer Inspection Visits?

      Yes. We like to inspect the infested property to make an informed decision and plan a strategy.

    • What are the Visit Charges for Pest Control Inspection?

      The Visit charges apply as per area and scope of work. Starting from Rs. 1000-2500 currently. Might increase subject to fuel/inflation. Visit charges are adjusted in the final bill if service is availed.


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