Pest Control

Pest Control

Eliminate, Prevent, and Protect!

Our decades long experience, industry leading techniques, research based products and advance technology is a killer combo to let you ForiFix these pests with peace of mind!

You ask us how: Here’s what we do:

Inspect. Fumigate. Protect. Fortify.

And when we say Fortify, we ForiFix everything we possibly can to keep the bugs out- remove infested things, repair and reinstall damaged items, seal and plug gaps and cracks so they don’t come back.

  • Ticks & Fleas
  • Wood Borers

General Fumigation

The best way to deal with unwanted pests (i.e. rats, mice, snakes, lizards or smaller insects like cockroaches, termites, ants, ticks, fleas, bees, spiders, wood borers, mosquitoes, flies, and bed bugs etc.) in and around your home, or office is to call professional exterminators. Our team at ForiFix is trained to safely identify infestation, locate the nests, colonies, breeding sites, fumigate their settlements to exterminate these pests from your property without compromising on the safety of your family, employees or your customers. And while doing that, we also work with you to help you repair the damage and clean the site to keep them out of sight!

Otherwise, majority of our buildings in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Sukkur, and many other cities of Pakistan are severely infested because of our overall moist and humid climate, poor sanitation and hygiene standards and lack of quality practices.

Lizard Sprays

Having lizards or any other rodent in the house can be alarming. Not only do they pose a threat themselves, they may be an indicator of the existence of other pests and bugs. In any case, it is always a good idea to get professional pest control for lizard removal before they increase in number. Our ForiFixers, remove lizards from your property using high quality sprays and fumigation equipment to eradicate them at once.

But since they sneak in pretty easily from literally anywhere, it’s always good to have a recurring service plan in hand.

A holistic pest control is the key. Starve them: No bugs – No chipkalis!

Save the chappal, jharoo and that danda for some better use 😉

Rodent Control

Our well-equipped technicians plan a strategic response not only to evict, trap and remove mice and rats, but also device plans to prevent them from coming in again in and around your property protecting your house and valuables from future infestations. Mind you, these rodents cause more short circuits than electric appliance malfunction.

Making them run out is the key. So they don’t die inside and cause more harm with their awful smell inviting more pests to feed upon the dead.

A well maintained cleaner home with minimum entry points helps keep them out too. Because not to forget that Rodents can cause a number of diseases transmitted directly from exposure to rat-infected feces, urine, or bites. They can also contaminate your food, cut electric wirings or appliances causing short circuits and in some cases even fire.

When cornered, rats will bite to defend. The saliva of some species can carry hazardous diseases too. Stay safe and FORIFIX!

PS. Choohay daanis and those awful glue traps freak us out too. Yeekh!

Termite Proofing

If done right, it actually helps you spend less on repairs and more on décor! Termites can be devastating if ignored. They are often called the silent destroyers, and can bring down your riches in a blink with irreparable loss. Yep, they are worse than fire!

That’s why we highly recommend our 3-step termite treatments during construction and before settling in. But if you missed that stage, you still are in safe hands here.

With our state-of-the-art tools and products, holistic approach, root cause analysis, and damage control, we make sure that termites are not only eliminated, but they also don’t return into your premises.

Inspection is the key in any job. That’s why we start our process with a thorough analysis of your premises inside out and then devise practical plans to help you get rid of termites, mold mites, dust mites and/or wood borers timely avoiding future infestation.

Our post fumigation warranty plans are designed to offer you after sales support to keep the protection intact if you ever plan any renovations in future.

PS. Burying a camel bone in the house or spraying matti ka tel all around DOES NOT HELP AT ALL!!!

Bed Bugs Fumigation

Sala ek Khattmal aadmi ko pagal banadeta hai! Heina?! We hate bedbugs as much as you do. They are the worst to have in bed. While they can trigger skin allergies and infections, they cause severe anxiety and insomnia too. In fact, they are the reason, ForiFix actually came into being. Have you read our story about how a bedbug bite led Samina to startup? Read it here if you still haven’t (Share the link of that article by HerCareer) So, coming back to bed bugs, after a thorough site examination, our ForiFixers determine a safest plan to exterminate them targeting all the hideouts at once with our highly quality, odorless, food-grade, and eco-friendly pesticides.

We promise we won’t let the bed bugs bite. And you promise not to use those DIY totkas or over the counter products and risk your life! Because we really care for you <3


Apart from Aasteen kay Saanp, all other snakes are an important part of the ecosystem, which is why we recommend to repel them from your proper unless they are causing life threatening harm. Depending on the species, snakes can be highly poisonous pests causing death with a single bite. Snakes are extremely good at hiding and can crawl into crowded areas without making a single sound which makes them even more dangerous, needing immediate removal when seen. Our Forifixers are expert in installing repellants, and traps across your property to capture them as deemed fit. Once we remove or repel the snakes from your house/property, we follow up in a few days’ time to ensure future protection.

And if you still see them around – try climbing a seerhi while we catch that saanp. Hehe!

Ticks & Fleas

With diseases like Congo virus on the rise, beware of Ticks and fleas for yourself and your pets. These are the trickiest of all because they actually live in and on your pets causing severe harm to them and your loved ones. They also take more time and effort to exterminate. But don’t panic.

Our ForiFixers are here to deal with these tiny terrors in a very meticulous manner. Our team is extensively trained to analyze your Ticks and flea problem and plan a strategy to maximize your protection against these nasty insects and help you rid your home of ticks and fleas for good.

And while we are at it, make sure to get your pets checked and treated properly by a vet.

Cockroach Control

Many DIY methods used for cockroach removal don’t necessarily work while store bought pesticides pose an additional health risk when used unsupervised making it more harmful than the roaches alone. Even we fail at times because of severity of the infestation at a larger scale- filthy garbage ducts and chutes, overflowing drains, gutters and sewage pipes, and ufff not to forget the overpopulated apartment buildings with poor maintenance and sanitation measures. And then those stinking Kachra Kundis and nalas another awful addition to the problem.

However, with our professional extermination and pest control solutions coupled with odorless, food-grade, and environment friendly pesticides, roaches and their allies are gone for a good interval.

Make sure you declutter your kitchen and clean regularly. Do not put wet dishes in the cabinets, all leftover food even the tiny crumbs and water/beverage droplets are cleaned immediately, and garbage is disposed properly with trash liners and bags sealed right.

Also, it is very important to create a domino effect by educating and convincing your neighbors, friends and family to ForiFix for a greater good. Because one cleaner and healthier community can inspire many to make our Pakistan pest-free!

Mosquito Sprays

With Dengue and Malaria almost turning into an epidemic, nobody wants mosquitoes and their larvae around them, especially invading their happy spots like gardens, peaceful backyards, or #pawri places. Yet they are everywhere biting us vehemently. Sadly, with such unhygienic surroundings; mosquitoes and flies are one of the most commonly found pests that invade our homes despite all the measures we take to keep them out. Carrying pathogens and germs, mosquitoes and house flies pose a serious threat to our health and well-being.

We at ForiFix have been actively engaged in spraying homes, commercial entities, manufacturing units, industrial plant, recreational sites, and more, with our professional sprayers, foggers, and safer pesticides and larvicides to help you get rid of mosquitoes safely.

Now, we can’t keep the lights off all the time, can we? But we surely can ForiFix, right?!

Pigeon Mites

Pigeon mites are another terrible tiny terror of a specie of smaller insects that live in the hideout till it’s too late.
  • Of all the fumigation services we’ve done so far, one worth mentioning is “Pigeon nest and mites cleaning and disinfection service”.
  • Pigeons severely infest kitchens, rooftops, AC outer units, window sills, etc. and their infestation can stink so awful that one cannot even stand in or breathe without getting sick. Their nests can clog pipes, ducts, chimneys and can cause significant damage and deterioration to structures, vehicles, electric appliances and our health too. In addition to transmitting disease and causing structural damage, bird droppings can cause slips and falls, invite secondary pests such as mites, lice, ticks, fleas, gnats, mealybugs, and slugs.
  • Such an infestation in kitchen or anywhere around could be fatal triggering #asthma, #pneumonia, #skin #allergies etc. because their droppings carry #bacteria and #fungi that once inhaled, infect lungs and cause respiratory diseases. The most affected are the young, elderly and people with immune system deficiencies.
  • Here’s how we ForiFix a Pigeon mite infested area:
    • Declutter, clear the nests/infestation, and install bird spikes.
    • Spray a strong antiseptic solution all over the place to wet the droppings before cleaning to minimize the risk of them turning into dust and airborne to be inhaled.
    • Fumigation and deep cleaning to rid the pigeon mites, ants, roaches and other pests lurking around.
    • Discard the waste carefully in garbage bags sprayed and closed tightly to avoid further contamination outside.
    • Lastly, sanitize with disinfectants and fragrant sprays for a pleasant feel.

Wood Borers, Wood Mites, Termites And Beetles

Wood borers are insects whose larvae live inside the wood or timber. They can damage your furniture and your building’s infrastructure beyond repair. Regular insecticides do not penetrate the wooden surface which makes it extremely difficult to treat and remove them. We at ForiFix know just the right products and procedures to infiltrate the wood and exterminate any borer larvae feeding on the wood beneath the surface.
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