Pest Control:

  • How Do I Hire Pest Control Services From ForiFix?

    For pest control queries:

    Which insects to target, size and type of house/apartment, number of rooms, bathrooms, portions/floors, lawn/garden, etc.

    Service plans vary for every pest and type of residence. To book us for pest control, simply let us know about the situation via a form where you may have to provide information like the type of pest, the size of area (property), number of rooms, portions, lawns etc., contact information, location etc. Once we have all the details, we either call and share an estimated service plan. Or visit if deemed necessary, especially in case of termites, and snakes.

  • Does Your Pest Control Team Offer Inspection Visits?

    Yes. We like to inspect the infested property to make an informed decision and plan a strategy.

  • What Are The Visit Charges For Pest Control Inspection?

    The Visit charges apply as per area and scope of work. Starting from Rs. 1000-2500 currently. Might increase subject to fuel/inflation. Visit charges are adjusted in the final bill if service is availed.

  • Can I Get The Fumigation Done In Only One Room/Or Specific Area And Not The Entire House/Apartment/Place?

    Not recommended as a). it’s not safe b). it’s not effective and c). no warranty applies. Because it actually aids in spreading them to untreated areas.

    Even if you insist and take all the responsibility, our ForiFixers will still visit first to see if it’s doable and advise accordingly. But again, staying in the same place till the fumes are not ventilated is not at all advised. It can be harmful and targeting a single room or a portion of the property does not guarantee complete eradication of the pests.

  • How Much Time Does It Take For Fumigation?

    It varies from pest to pest, intensity of infestations, type of property, location etc.

    Following are some of the pests along with the approximate time it may take our ForiFixers to remove them and a layout of our general procedure.

    Bed bugs/Ticks/Fleas/Lizards/General fumigation: 2-3 hours for service delivery. 24-36 hours for closing the house post fumigation.

    Follow Up: Our team revisits the next day to open and ventilate the house.

    You must clean the house thoroughly (we also offer post fumigation cleaning) before moving in.

    Cockroaches: 2-3 hours for service delivery followed by closing the house for 4 to 6 hours or 24 hours in case of massive infestation.

    Kitchen must be emptied beforehand by the customer. We can also empty it at additional cost.

    Follow Up: Our team revisits the next day to open and ventilate the house.

    You must clean the house thoroughly (we also offer post fumigation cleaning) before moving in.

    Termites: 2-4 hours or more depending upon the entire scope of work. House is closed for 2-3 hours to let the fumes settle and kill all the termites inside. House may be required to close for 24 hours in case of massive infestation.

    Kitchen must be emptied beforehand by the customer. We can also empty it at additional cost.

    If wooden items are damaged severely, removing might be required. We do that ourselves at additional cost though.

    Follow Up: Our team revisits the next day to open and ventilate the house.

    You must clean the house thoroughly (we also offer post fumigation cleaning) before moving in.

    Rodents & Snakes: 2-3 hours to place the rodenticide baits in all highlighted areas and liquid flush in all drains.

    No fumigation/Spraying is done for rodents.

    No evacuation required.

    Follow-up visit is done after 5 days to check the baits and replace as required.

  • Still Need More Information On Our Pest Removal Services?

    For more details on service methodology and products, please call or WhatsApp at 03113674349.

  • Are Your Products Safe For My Kids, Pets And Elderly Parents?

    Certainly yes. We make sure the health and convenience of your family is not compromised at any stage of the procedure. All pesticides used for pest removal by ForiFix are meant for household usage being odorless, food-grade, eco and pet-friendly as recommended by WHO/EPA/FDA.

  • Do We Require Fumigation Services For Ticks, Fleas, And Parvovirus?

    We provide safer, odorless and pet-friendly services sprays to get rid of ticks/fleas. Please share your address, contact details and type of residence to schedule an inspection. Visit charges apply.

    Also, please make sure pets are duly treated for ticks/fleas by a vet before bringing them in and around the treated area to keep the fumigation effective.

    For PARVO Virus, we offer antiseptic sprays with bleach against the virus covering all infected areas. For timely actions, book a visit as soon as you suspect it. Simply share your address, contact details and type of residence to schedule an inspection. Visit charges apply.

  • Do You Offer Post Covid Disinfection?

    Yes, we do. Disinfection is best done after deep cleaning because the main ingredients even of industry leading disinfectants do not activate on dirty and dusty surfaces.

    If budget allows, we can do both-deep cleaning and disinfection. Or you can get our ready-to-use disinfectant for DIY daily at least for a week regularly. Residual effect remains for 72 hours if untouched.

  • Bugs Have Returned After The Pest Removal, What Do I Do Now?

    There can be multiple reasons why the pests keep returning to your home. In the inspection visit, our team at ForiFix helps you understand the sources these pests come from and gives you an estimation for the time span during which the pests will not grow. However, if you still think the bugs have returned despite all the measures. Ask if the service package included any warranty? If yes, a follow-up service will be scheduled. If not, avail a follow-up service at a discounted rate. Charges to be discussed as per scope.

    If bugs reappear after warranty expires, signup for a recurring service plan, or spread the word in your neighborhood to ensure others also clean their homes for a greater impact. Referral/community discounts available.

  • What Do You Offer In Deep Cleaning Services?

    We offer a variety of cleaning your entire home or specific areas and items ranging from curtains, blinds, carpets, sofas and mattresses to water tanks, kitchens, bathrooms, attics and much more. We clean your property thoroughly. Rest assured.

    For Sofa/carpet/mattress/blinds cleaning, ask for:

    For booking we need some basic information from your end; Number of sofa seats, cushions, size of carpet, mattress or curtains.

    We recommend sending pictures/videos of all items to be cleaned for a quote on WhatsApp or social media to let us know the scope of the task beforehand.

    In case of multiple items, a visit might be needed. In which case, our Deep Clean team at ForiFix will visit your property and take notes of everything thing that needs to be done.

  • Do You Offer Discounts Of Home Or Furniture Deep Cleaning Services?

    Yes. We offer multiple discounts and bundle deals for bulk items that are to be cleaned together. To check out our latest deals and discounts on cleaning services, follow us on social media and stick around or simply give us a call.

  • Do You Offer On-The-Spot Furniture And Carpet Cleaning Service?

    Absolutely, yes! We offer a wide range of sofa, carpet, rugs, chairs, mattress, blinds, curtains, cleaning and drying all on-the-spot at your convenience.

  • Will The Items Be 100% Dry After We’re Done?

    No, your furniture items will be a little damp after our job is done. Though our team may not wait for the natural drying duration, we make sure items are clean and not dripping out. For quicker results, drying under a fan with good ventilation helps.

    We strictly instruct against using the items before they dry out. Do not use the items until completely dry.

    Hard stains like tea, coffee, water, ball point marks, etc. are not guaranteed because we do not use any bleach or chemicals that can cause color bleed/fading, spoil the texture of the fabric/base or can be harmful for kids or pets.

  • Can The Cleaning Ruin Our Furniture?

    No color bleeds ever reported. Fabric textures and colors are in fact revived after cleaning.

    One-day warranty applies. Team will revisit if any issues faced after the items dry despite following all precautions.

    ForiFix shall remain exempt in case of any accidents or intentional damages by customer or factors beyond our control.

Deep Cleaning: Home/Bathroom/Kitchen

  • How Do I Get Home Cleaning Services For My House?

    Schedule a visit for inspection. If not possible/convenient, drop some Pictures and videos of the area to be cleaned to share an estimate. You can share the pictures or videos along with instructions on our WhatsApp number – 0311-3674349!

  • How Much Does My Home Cleaning Services Cost Me?

    The charges may vary upon actual inspection. Depending on the state of the property, the area and the resources it will cost us, your house cleaning can vary a lot. This is why we strongly recommend an inspection visit.

  • Do You Offer Inspection Visits For Home Cleaning Services?

    Yes. In fact, we recommend it. Visit charges apply as per area and scope of work. Starting from Rs. 1000-2500 currently. Might increase subject to fuel/inflation. Visit charges are adjusted in the final bill if the service is availed.

Water Tank Cleaning:

  • What Type Of Water Tanks Do You Provide Cleaning Services For?

    We deal in both underground and overhead tanks. In case of multiple tanks, or unknown size, our team visits the location for a survey.

  • How Do I Book Water Tank Cleaning Services For My House?

    At ForiFix, we have the booking procedure very easy. Simply get in touch with us providing basic information like location, size of the house, size of water tank(s) along with the contact details and our team will take care of the rest.

    Inform and educate the customer about importance of anti-septic cleaning.

  • What Disinfectants Do You Use For Water Tank Cleaning Services?

    We at ForiFix understand the significance of clean water tanks. Therefore, we do not use market available products that may include harmful chemicals. Our team at ForiFix cleans and disinfects with our own mix of disinfectants. Try it to experience the difference.

  • How Do You Clean The Water Tanks?

    We follow a standard procedure of a premium cleaning method for water tanks. It is a thorough Seven step cleaning and disinfection process:

    • Discard dirty water, sludge/mud.
    • Scrub the tank walls and floors manually.
    • Rinse with clean water and discard it.
    • Apply disinfectant mix and leave for a while.
    • Rinse and clean again for final touch.
    • Leave some water cleansing products on the tank floors to clean the water too.
    • Refill the tank after 2 hours at least.

  • What Are The Charges Of Water Tank Cleaning Services?

    Service charges for water tank cleaning services depend on location, size and condition of the tanks along with the amount of product used. However, charges can be discounted if disinfection is not required.

Repair Services:

  • What Are Standard Terms For Repair Services?

    • For appliance repair services, customer is expected to provide all specs of appliances that are to be fixed.
    • We fix ACs, Fridge, microwave, cooking range, water dispensers, generators, UPS and much more. To enquire about your repair needs, contact us via our details.
    • To set up a time for Inspection, provide your details like Address, pin location, and contact number on our WhatsApp number- 0311-3674349 or social media.
    • ForiFix cannot give an estimated quote for repair services before the inspection visit.
    • ForiFix shall remain exempt in case of any accidents or intentional damages by customer.

  • Does ForiFix Offer Gas Leak Repair Services For Refrigerators, Air Conditioners And DC Inverters?

    Yes, we offer gas refill services. However, our technicians understand that refilling the gas doesn't repair the real issue. Your air con or fridge needs a gas refill because it was leaking the gas in the first place. With our ForiFix approach, we examine your air con/fridge and locate the leakage and fix it before any further step.

  • Do You Offer Gas Refill For ACs And DC Inverters?

    For any appliance requiring a gas refill, leakage is the real issue. Therefore, we do not recommend or do gas refills without leak repairs.

    If the customer insists, we may provide gas refill. However, knowing it is a temporary solution, such refills are done without any warranty. In such case, ForiFix shall not be responsible for any leaks again.

  • How Do I Book For Electric Repair services Or Plumbing Services?

    In order to get our electric/plumbing services, schedule a visit by reaching out to us with your contact details.

  • How Much Does Repairing Services Cost?

    Repair charges can vary, depending on the type of appliances/scope of work, area to be covered, material and design essentials and much more. We cannot quote for fixing appliances without inspection. Not even estimates. We can only quote a price after we are fully aware of the situation at hand. We do not share any charges on call/text to ensure we neither overprice nor underprice. Fair enough ☺

  • Does ForiFix Charge For Inspection Visits?

    Yes. Our visit charges apply as per area and scope of work. Starting from Rs. 1,000-2500, the charges may fluctuate subject to fuel/inflation. Visit charges are adjusted in the final bill if service is availed.

    For water and heat proofing, ask for:

    Location, covered area, type of residence.

    Contact details and address to schedule a visit for survey.

  • Does ForiFix Charge Visits For Waterproofing And Heat-Proofing Surveys?

    Yes. Our standard visit charges apply to all inspection visit. The visit charges may fluctuate subject to current inflation. To inquire about our current Visit charges, get in touch with us at 0311-FORIFIX or social media.

  • How Do I Hire Waterproofing Or Heat-Proofing Services In Karachi, Pakistan? (Lahore and Islamabad Are On Hold For Now)

    To book a ForiFix solution for your water or heat damage control, schedule a survey today. Simply reach out to us with essential information like address, area covered and type of residence (apartments etc.) along with your contact details.

  • Does ForiFix Offer Site Visit For Waterproofing And Heat-Proofing?

    Absolutely, YES! Visit charges apply on all inspections/surveys.

  • How Is Heat And Water Proofing Done?

    We offer a quick and ForiFix approach. We begin the procedure with a thorough inspection to locate the points of failure and plan a strategy.

    Tracing the root cause is important. Once that’s highlighted, our ForiFixers then fix those issues first that are causing other seepage and overheating problems. This may also include civil/plumbing/electric repair work as deemed necessary.

    In the third phase our team curates surface preparation as per standard insulation protocols.

    After insulation, chemical coatings or membrane installation is provided as necessary.

    In some serious cases, screeding or new plaster work is advised.

  • How Much Does Your Waterproofing Or Heat-Proofing Cost In Pakistan?

    Our charges depend on the nature and scope of work. Which is why our services charges can only be quoted after a survey.

  • Does ForiFix Offer Any Warranty For Waterproofing And Heatproofing?

    Yes. We have different Warranties and post service support plans for different packages. Warranties are offered as per package availed. Term and Conditions apply.

  • Do You Offer Packing & Moving Services?

    Yes, we offer packing and moving services within Karachi only though.

    Our packages are highly customized as per your requirements and budget.

    Our packing includes:

    Dismantling and rearranging furniture items,

    uninstalling and reinstalling electronic and plumbing appliances.

    Loading/Unloading with transportation.

    Fumigation and cleaning services.

    To book our packing and moving services in Karachi, schedule a visit to help us assess the scope of work. Visit charges apply.

  • Are You Available In Other Cities Too?

    We are based in Karachi and are mainly operating in Karachi for most of our services. In addition, we are offering pest control and water tank cleaning services in Lahore.

    You are too expensive!

    For the quality of services, high end products, post service support and warranties and the professional help, we are actually the most affordable option you can get. Here's a list of our salient features that distinguish us from the rest:

    Quality products and services backed with after sales support and warranties.

    Transparency and open communication.

    One window solution.

    Our techs are not freelancers. They are highly qualified, skilled and well-trained professionals, who are hired for their experience and well paid for their expertise.

  • Still Think Our Prices Are Higher Than Your Expectations?

    We offer a number of discounts and bundle deals to make it light on your pocket. You can either pair up services to avail bundle deal or check-in to avail up to 10% off on the bill.

    We also offer up to 10% referral/community discount.

  • Do You Offer Warranty For All Your Pest Control And House Maintenance Services?

    Yes. All our services are backed with after-sales support, warranties, and follow-up services. We like to call it Fori-Warranty for the transparency of our policies and the quick action we take to help you with a follow-up on any or all our services.

    If you are struggling with any post-service issues, please report it to us immediately on our main helplines, either by calling or contacting us on WhatsApp and social media.

    For more details on warranties, please get in touch.

  • Payment Terms And Policies:

    We at ForiFix keep our communication transparent and our T&C policies clear to ensure no hidden charges are being added to your bill. Here are some basic payment terms and policies that you should know beforehand.

  • Payment Policy:

    We accept 50-70% advance payment with service order confirmation.

    Balance is paid right after service delivery.

  • Payment Method:

    To ensure your convenience, ForiFix accepts both Cash and Bank transfer modes. We share payment details once the bill is finalized. Still have any questions regarding the payment method? Reach out to us on our contact details.

  • Refund Policy:

    In case of last minute cancellations without any valid reason, the advance will be refunded after 20% deduction.

    If the team has already arrived, 30% of the advance amount will be deducted.

  • Last Minute Rescheduling Charges:

    10-20% additional charges apply in case of last minute rescheduling without a valid reason.

    30% in case the team has arrived on site.

  • Late Payments:

    Late payment surcharge might apply daily/weekly/monthly as per scope of work and project cost. Pay on time to avoid getting blocked ☺

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