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About Us

Why Choose Us?

Why choose us? Because why not? We have a firsthand experience of all the ghar kay maslay that you and many like us in our community face. We are the only house maintenance service provider that offers a one stop solution for all the odd jobs and chores that keep you from focusing on your own core! From dirty water tanks, carpets, sofas, and rugs to awful roaches and bugs in the bed; broken cabinets, sinks, taps, and electric appliances; fused bulbs, fans, stinking bathrooms to kitchen remodeling; deep home cleaning or just a blind, there’s always so much to do but very less time.

Mind you, we are not just random spray walas aur jugaaroo baboos. Our highly qualified workforce is trained not only to get the job done but to do it really well following all safety and quality measures. No harmful or sastay jogarhs at all! Our team emphasizes on high quality products that deliver lasting results- be it household pesticides, civil, electric or plumbing material, or high-end water and heat proof solutions. We keep it straight and transparent with timely communication, consultation and clear policies. We are considerate of our clients' convenience; therefore, from flexible timings to post service customer support we stick around with you till whenever you need us. We put the safety and security of your loved ones and your property on our minds and offer lasting solutions that do not compromise on your comfort whatsoever. So that you always keep us in your hearts and mind! Oh and also, we are light on your pocket too 😀

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Our Story

ForiFix is the brainchild of Ms. Samina Faisal Khan, a strong-willed mompreneur determined to break the glass ceiling in the most unconventional way possible. In 2015, Samina saw the challenges of homemakers and envisioned a one stop solution that will literally ForiFix all household maintenance issues.

Despite having a handsome pay in her 9-5, Samina Faisal abandoned her career of 15 years, stepping out of her comfort zone to take the challenge of realizing this dream.

Today as Pakistan's first ever female-led home improvement solution, ForiFix is an award winning startup trusted by many for its professional pest control, house maintenance and repairing services.

With her own experience as a homemaker, Ms. Samina has a clear picture of challenges men and women face with regard to home maintenance in a tricky city like Karachi. Her curiosity convinced her to design a full-fledged outlet that offers top notch services with reliability and convenience. Starting from safest pest control services, ForiFix has today grown into a multi-dimensional setup with its highly dependable team, professional approach, and communication strategies that has won hearts and minds of many Pakistanis here and abroad who look for trusted partners to assist their families, elderly parents or home managers in getting their leaking taps or ACs fixed, dirty tanks, rugs or bugs cleaned, kitchen or bathrooms remodeled, and not to forget, their leaky roof fixed.

ForiFix helps you invest wisely saving you time, money, and effort of haggling with different vendors, technicians, thekedars, and laborers for different maintenance issues, and also advises you with the right technical support and the right material every single time you are faced with a housekeeping challenge. All you have to do is to just call us and tell us what to do and when.

ForiFix is not just a creative enterprise providing skilled and qualified technicians but is also an inspiration for female and male entrepreneurs who aspire to make their dream startups a reality.

Launched on Pakistan’s Defense Day back in the year 2015, ForiFix was envisioned as an ultimate defense against all the oddjobs, nasty bugs and thugs terrorizing us in and around our homes. We now celebrate 6th September every year for two events that have made us who we are. Our beloved Pakistan’s Defense Day and ForiFix's Birthday. Yuhoo!

As ForiFixers, we share the spirit of our heroes and front-liners always ready to deal with challenges and pledge to protect you and your family the way our brave jawaans have been protecting and defending us in and around our borders.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Our Team

Team Leads

Everyone working with us is either a family member, a friend, or a trusted partner since years. NO freelancers or part timers! Because for us, your safety and sanity is a priority.

Samina Faisal Khan

Founder and Marketing Lead

Faisal Khan

ForiFix Ninja (He actually is a karate champ! No kidding 😉

Tayyaba Abdullah

Customer Cheerlead

Khushee Abdullah

Creative Head


Money Matters


Money Matters


Zaheer Bhai

Ustaad jee

Zubair Bhai

Carpentry Champ

Imran Khan

IPM Champ


Safai Champ


Safai Champ


Bijli Bhai


Bijli Bhai


Bijli Bhai


Plumbing Guru


Plumbing Guru


Décor Champ


Décor Champ
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