Water proofing & Heat proofing

Water proofing & Heat proofing

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Kia apka bhi leak horaha hay? Ghar!!!

Paani kay peelay peelay daagh aur ukharta hua paint are the most hideous looking marks your walls and ceilings can have. Moisture, water leaks, excessive heat, and humidity is not only an unpleasant and lethal combination for building strength and aesthetics, it is also a favorite of molds, mold mites, pests and other uninvited issues. Once seeped inside the interior of your house, it causes substantial damages to the electric wiring, appliances, plumbing leaks and much more leading to short circuits and in many cases fire and structural damage.

If you missed waterproofing your foundation during construction, NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME TO FORIFIX!

Cracked, leaking basements, rooftops, walls, and pipes decrease the comfort, value and safety of your home. Water will have an easier way through these cracks and crevices to create moisture and seepage problems in your basements, ceilings, walls, and appliances contributing to foundation and structural damage, paint and polish peel off, short circuits, mold growth, musty smell and other related issues.

Mold and mold mites are bad for your health! Thus exposure to mold spores and wood mites can lead to many unpleasant situations which include allergic reactions, asthma, infection with fungi, and more. It is very important for new and old constructions to have waterproofing done to avoid and overcome all these challenges.

We excel at waterproofing and heat proofing your homes with our advanced yet budget-friendly solutions to help you enhance the life of your property while reducing energy consumption substantially!

We value your satisfaction and our reputation enough to deliver durable waterproofing and heatproofing solution across your property with long lasting warranties and longevity.

Water and heat proofing together helps you reduce your energy costs by preventing very cold or hot air. Thus making your home weatherproof giving you the peace of mind in extreme weathers.

Heat proofing of rooftop, exposed walls, and glass windows helps in heat rejection and minimize energy consumption and ultimately electricity bills.

Low humidity and moisture helps you keep away pests, sweat and mold.

Paint and polish lasts longer because the water source is locked.

Bas to phir soch kia rahein hein? Garmi ko thandddaaa karein or ghar ko heatproof!

From crack fillings to coatings, using anti moisture paints and sealing all that’s leaking, we ForiFix all the exposed areas of your home sweet home with our specialized industrial adhesives, sealants, and chemical mixes so you worry less and save more!

It is so unfortunate in Pakistan, that water ingress, seepage and leakage is now a common sight and has become a serious problem not only in old buildings but also the in newly constructed ones because we tend to cut cost with sastay jugaars than actually invest wisely in quality building materials and essentials for a more futuristic approach.

Another major point of concern with climate change is the excessive exposure to heat outside and inside the buildings. In the recent past, we’ve been consuming more energy than ever in terms of increased electricity usage and cooling methods- air conditioners, refrigerators, generators, and other similar appliances that has put a huge dent in our pockets, environment, and health challenges. Poor sanitation and sewerage management, accessibility and availability of clean water, electricity and gas load shedding are a few of many other social and environmental problems that we are facing with limited resources adding to our already inflated and unstable economy. The insurmountable frustration, anxiety, stress that terrorizes us due to these and many more maintenance woes are enough of a reason to look for alternate ways of fixing our surrounding and livelihoods to survive in these challenging times.

And amid all these grave concerns, ForiFix comes in as an ultimate defense to help you have a stronger, cooler, and a budget-friendly home and workplace. Yep! our ultra-advance waterproofing and heat rejection formula cools down a surface area up to 12* degrees Celsius lowering the overall humidity and temperature of a facility. Parhte hi sukoon mil gaya na? To chalein ab mil kar karte hein ham apkay ghar ko ForiFix ☺

Here’s a brief list of things we do:

  • Anti-Moisture Paint
  • Foundation and cracks repair due to settlement
  • Leak repair
  • Chemical coatings
  • Cementitious Coatings
  • Civil Work
  • Cracks filling and repair
  • Doors, Windows & Skylights sealing
  • Liquid glass coatings
  • Masonry work
  • Pernalas and drain pipes
  • Projection and chajjas
  • Fiber shades
  • Fiber shades
  • Fabrication
  • Membranes and tapes
  • Marble flooring
  • Elastofiller water guard coatings
  • Polyurethane (PU) Coatings
  • Plumbing work
  • Seepage Control
  • Sealant and adhesives application
  • Bitumen membrane
  • Primer and paint based waterproofing and heat proofing
  • Water tank repair and fixingwaterproofing and heat proofing
  • PPR, PVC, GI pipelines and fittings
  • PPR, PVC, GI pipelines and fittings
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