Our Story

Our Story

ForiFix is the brainchild of Ms. Samina Faisal Khan, a strong-willed individual determined to break the glass ceiling in the most unconventional way possible. In 2015, Samina saw the challenges of homemakers and envisioned a one stop solution that will literally ForiFix all household maintenance issues.

Despite having a handsome pay in her 9-5, Samina Faisal abandoned her career of 15 years, stepping out of her comfort zone to take the challenge of realizing this dream.

Today as Pakistan's first ever female-led housekeeping solution, ForiFix is an award winning startup trusted by many for its house maintenance and repairing services.

With her own experience as a homemaker Ms Samina has a clear picture of challenges men and women face with regard to house maintenance. Her curiosity convinced her to design a fulfleged outlet that offers top notch home repair and maintenance/home improvement services. Starting from safest pest control services, ForoFix grew into a multi dimensional housekeeping setup offering deep cleaning, water proofing, appliances repairing, remodeling, pest control and much more.

ForiFix saves you the time, money and effort of visiting different providers for different maintenance issues,finding the right technical support and the right materials every single time you are faced with a housekeeping challenge.

ForiFix is not just a service provide with skilled and qualified technicians but also an inspiration for female entrepreneurs who aspire to make their dream startups a reality.

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