Archive for April 27th, 2022

Can ‘storytelling’ inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs in Pakistan?

Stories can change our world. When a woman tells her story, she inspires a generation to learn from her struggles and follow her dreams. PASHA’s Tech Incubator The Nest recently did just that when they allowed successful female entrepreneurs at “Women Leading Change” to share their narrative at the vibrant startup incubation space in Karachi. The event […]

Bitten by the bedbug, Samina Faisal starts ForiFix

About Samina: Samina has an MBA from Sukkur IBA and has been a recognized Marketer with over 10 years’ experience in corporate sector of Telecom and Hi-tech Industries. Today, she leads her entrepreneurial venture “FORIFIX” to help people, especially working women, get their odd jobs done quickly and easily. So naturally, we decided to get more […]

The entrepreneurship of mothers, wives and daughters

“There was a blast in the kitchen and my sister got burnt,” says Sameena Faisal Khan, founder of ForiFix, a small business that offers organic fumigation and household repairs. A termite infestation had prompted her family to spray over-the-counter solutions in the kitchen which has resulted in a small fire when the stove was lit. […]

Samina faisal khan aka the ForiFix lady

Did you know we have a supermom among us who cares for our wellbeing and health so much that she took the leap against all the odds to #ForiFix our oddjobs that keep us away from our core activities?! Well, Samina Faisal Khan aka The ForiFix lady, is that one brave visionary woman who’s up […]

ForiFix – An Emerging Startup to Make Pakistan Bug-Free

Are you irked by buzz buzz of bugs all the time? We have a solution. How annoying it’s when you’re watching a movie and the mosquitoes join you too? The cherry on top is the unexpected guests who arrive at your home and then got bitten by bugs. But that’s not your fault. Some people […]

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